• 艾地盟(上海)管理有限公司 内审部实习生/Internal Audit Intern

    职位简介:岗位职责: 1.Learn business objectives, risks to meeting objectives, and controls to mitigate those risks; 2.Review, assimilate and logically document work procedures; 3. Provide ADM Management with information, analysis and recommendations. 任职要求: 1.Currently pursuing a university degree in Accounting, Engineering, Law or a business-related field 2.Strong presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written 3.Critical thinking skills and ability to breakdown complex problems 4. Desire and ability to work in an effective team environment 5. ...

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  • 英威达管理(上海)有限公司 Finance Intern

    职位简介:... 4. Assist in the RIM and documents filing for treasury and credit. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Bachelor degree in Finance; Accounting; Commerce or International business INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated fibers and polymers companies. We are continually looking for motivated and talented people who will help us meet the challenge to provide our customers with unmatched support, pursue continuous innovation and drive market demand. At INVISTA you will find a global organization of dedicated people who thrive in a team environment, display individual initiative and pride th...

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  • 贝恩创效管理咨询(上海)有限公司 TSG Intern

    职位简介:Bain technology service support intern JD Responsibility: -Help client deal with technology issue; -Trouble shooting; -Provide support to IT manager. Requirements: -can work 3days a week at least, 5days, six months is preferred; -major in computer 贝恩公司是一家全球领先的管理咨询公司,基于“咨询顾问为客户提供的是结果,而非报告”的理念,为客户提供战略、运营、技术、组织以及兼并购方面的专业咨询业务。 自1973年成立以来,贝恩致力于帮助企业提升价值,并以客...

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  • [北京]德勤招聘TAX-BPS Intern

    职位简介:发信人: DTTHR (aaaaaa), 信区: Intern标 题: TAX-BPS Intern发信站: 水木社区 (Mon Oct 23 14:16:34 2017), 站内Business Processing Service (BPS) involves the bookkeeping, tax filings and administrative assistance activities for multinational companies. The primary responsibility of the team members includes assisting with preparation of accounting entries; reconciliation of accounts; reconciliation of bank statements; visit tax bureaus for filings, maintaining proper filing documents, working papers and accounting books, preparation of documents for other filings with local authori...

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  • 嘉吉投资(中国)有限公司 Admin Intern

    职位简介:Responsibility: - Support Cindy to collect data , make raft analysis and presentation slides for specific project - Arrange meeting for specific topics - Administration support, like reimbursement etc Requirement for Knowledge: - Basic knowledge about Excel, PPT, word and etc. - Acceptable English for written - High Self-learning agility 嘉吉,一家独特的公司、一个独特的工作场所。 致力于帮助您成长事业、增强阅历和知识、提升全方位能力 - 嘉吉将会超乎您的想像。作为一家全球领先的跨食品、农业、金融和工业的多...

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  • 大众汽车(中国)投资有限公司 Intern - Product strategy

    职位简介:Location: Beijing Duration: 6 months Division/Department: Product Management Start of internship: ASAP Position: Intern - Product strategy Your Responsibilities: Analyze automotive market trends in China and monitor competitor activities Help scope the future of Volkswagen Group China by supporting strategictopics to China’s most urgent automotive questions Support to maintain and extend the competitor portfolio database Our Requirements: Major in Engineering ,Economics or other relevant subjects Knowledge of China’s automotive indus...

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  • 波科国际医疗贸易(上海)有限公司 Sales Intern

    职位简介:工作职责: 南区IRF、CR广州办仓库管理、样品管理、其他日常支持 南区、IO招标文件支持 岗位需求: 希望一周可以2~3天,且能相对固定,最好可以坚持4个月 责任心强、Excel技能熟练 通过提供预防、诊断、治疗等高品质的医疗产品及服务,波士顿科学致力于成为一家最具创新活力、最贴近中国医患需求的国际医疗科技公司。秉承研发引领者的传统,波士顿科学承诺持续为更广泛的中国患者带来优质、适宜的医疗解决方案,减少病患...

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  • 上海长风海洋世界有限公司 HR Intern人力资源实习生

    职位简介:1、根据各部门的招聘需求,招聘网站的维护和更新; 2、根据各部门的用人需求,筛选简历,电话预约,安排初试; 3、组织相关部门人员完成复试工作,及时给予反馈信息; 4、支持集团校园招聘项目; 5、完成上级交代的其他事项; 岗位要求: 1、大学本科或本科以上应届生;研二或大三在校生; 2、一周出勤不低于3天; 3、优秀的沟通表达能力和逻辑思维能力; 4、抗压能力强; 上海长风海洋世界与杜莎夫人蜡像馆隶属于欧洲第一、全球第...

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  • [北京]英特尔 Data collection and annotation Intern

    职位简介:...ng in English Drop your resume at eric.q.li@intel.com, please put university  name   internship duration as email tittle

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  • 辉门(中国)有限公司 研发实习生Engineering Intern

    职位简介:岗位职责: 协助设计工程师CAD绘图,及日常产品工程问题的基本处理。 岗位要求: 1. 本科大三或研一在校生,能保证一周出勤2-3个工作日; 2. 熟练运用ProE,Catia or UG; 3. 英语熟练,做事细致认真。 公司地址:辉门中国,浦东新区冀桥路118号,五角场及世纪大道有班车接送。 有意向者,请直接将您的中英文简历附照片发至 Joanna.chen@federalmogul.com 汽车行业业内动力总成大咖,期待您的加入! 辉门公司是具有创新精神的多元化全球汽...

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